Déjeuner Happy New Year

Nous avons pris le temps de passer un moment de convivialité pour fêter l’année 2017 ensemble.

INW Jan Lunch 2017 with JMC

Managing the digital workplace as a eco-system

With Swisscom and the Richemont Group.

We had two guests at the end-of-November work session: Thomas Maeder, Digital Experience Manager, SwissCom and Neil Morgan, Richemont International, Digital Workplace Team Lead at Richemont International. Our topic was how to integrate a govern a digital eco-system in a large organization.

Thomas took us through the Swisscom experience over the past few years. They’ve done very impressive work. (Thomas was on the Advisory Board for my 2014 annual survey and research.)


Work culture differences

Focus on Asian and European work cultures.

We welcomed CheeChin Lieu, Enterprise Community Manager of BASF (based in Germany) to our work session on the theme of how work cultures differ in countries/regions. His presentation was entitled “How to work with people who think & act differently?”


CheeChin walked us through some theory and academic studies, then moved straight to specific and practical differences between Asian and European work customs.

Digital for all à la Société Générale

Nous avons vu l’initiative Digital for All de la Société Générale : le mobile workplace et leur stratégie qui va au delà du BYOD. “Fournir des outils aux collaborateurs pour inventer la banque de demain”.


Nous avons vu également la nouvelle approche news qui s’intitule “SG News”. Une démo live nous a convaincu de l’intérêt de cette nouvelle app qui donne la main à chaque personne à lire ce qui lui est pertinent, où et quand elle veut.

Amadeus unifying a diverse digital eco-system

It was a pleasure to have Amadeus as our guest in our session at the end of May. Amadeus was the first intranet project that Jane McConnell, creator of IntraNetwork, worked on over 17 years ago.

Amadeus, a young company with a young workforce is made up of people from 123 nationalities and 56 languages. Out of the 14,200 workforce, mover than 6,000 are developers.


The Amadeus external business model is platform-based, so it is – in a sense – logical to see that internally

Philips and optimizing internal communications

We had the pleasure of a guest from Philips in Amsterdam share with us their internal communications channels strategy. The title of the session was “Optimizing the effectiveness of internal communications channels”.


Points covered include:

  • Let stakeholders create, adjust, and share content themselves.
  • Make performance visible and understandable to all stakeholders.
  • Create communities to inspire and share knowledge.

Steelcase – l’espace configure notre comportement

Nous avons été accueillis par l’équipe Steelcase dans leur Work Life Center à Paris pour notre séance de travail en mi-mars. Notre thème était d’explorer l’impact du physical workplace sur le digital workplace et vice versa.

workplaces.001 small

Nous avons non seulement visité le centre Steelcase, où chaque étage est dédié à un mode de travail. L’équipe nous a guidé dans un travail d’analyse de nos propres espaces de travail.